Luis Suarez to leave Atletico Madrid in June and move to the MLS

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According to ‘Corriere dello Sport’, the Uruguayan has already taken the decision to leave Spanish football in a few months. He will not renew and he is expected to move to North America.We could be seeing the final six months of Luis Suarez in Spanish football. The Uruguayan star who scored goals for fun at Barcelona and was a cornerstone to Atletico Madrid in the 2020-21 season, will not renew and will leave for a less demanding competition.

That is what you can deduce from the Italian media outlet ‘Corriere della Sera’, who highlighted that the attacker could have easily gone to Juventus at one point had Barcelona’s interest in Morata resulted in them signing him.

After being a big player for Atletico Madrid with his goals in the first season, age is catching up with the Uruguayan forward.

Luis Suarez has struggled to score goals, which has invited Diego Simeone to subsititute him on several occasions and that has ended up making the striker visibly angry.

According to the information from the Italian media outlet, the centre forward will not prolong his contract at the Wanda Metropolitano and he will go to the MLS where he has always admitted he would like to play.

After a first season which has seen him score 21 goals in 38 matches, this season e has scored just eight in 25. Suarez will turn 35 soon and that could be the last time he celebrates his birthday in La Liga.


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